• Your Marketing Specialist


Web Design


Maintain and create websites using both HTML/CSS and Content Management Systems to provide a unique web presence or emulate the competition to help level the playing field.

User Experience

Deploy website elements that go beyond expectations to guide user experience down the desired path of conversion.

Graphic Design

Design Strategies

Create unique bodies of digital and print work using the newest design strategies and software.


Design product packaging using required elements that appeal to both consumers and buyers alike.


Use best practices in graphic library infrastructure to ensure assets are always available in any medium required.


Use guides and reports from the top marketing platforms to help build effective and compelling advertising.

Strategic Marketing

Competitor Analysis

Evaluation of competitor products, services, tools and operations for better market positioning.


Establish brand guidelines and style sheets to ensure every asset is consistent and uniform for maximum effectiveness.

Prospect Engagement

Engage current and future customers through events, programs, surveys, retention and social media campaigns.

Website Analytics

Search Engine Optimization

Draw on the wisdom of the trade and top influencers to equip all assets with the highest level of SEO and SEM.


Accumulate data using the most widely used analytics tools to pinpoint weak spots and replicate what works.

Data Collection

Utilize website data collection tools to capitalize on every potential visitor.

Project Management


Establish project criteria and goals for SWOT analysis during the proposal stage.


Determine KPIs at stage intervals with resource and asset reporting for thorough evaluation.


Create helpful visualization aids and task management tools for forecasting an accurate road map from start to finish.

Content Marketing


Identify verticals and customer personas to gain a better understanding of what customers find appealing and valuable.


Develop a plan to fill the content gap using a persona driven style guide to connect with visitors using a familiar voice.

Content Creation

Use existing company experts and outside resources to populate websites, documents and sales resources with meaningful content that broadens the value proposition.

Marketing Automation

Contact Management

Discovery, vetting and implementation of CRM based on unique needs and key performance indicators.

Lead Acquisition

Sales stage analysis and optimization for complete funnel coverage.

Reactive Automation

Program automated drip campaigns that send strategic content emails based on sales funnel and web asset activity to provide the right material at the right stage in the sales process.



Designed 3rd party product listings and advertising that drive sales and customer relationships through review and comment


Developed product offerings and selling tools focused on customer personas and sound SEO tactics


Built online carts that flow naturally from the landing page to the transaction confirmation

Email Strategy

List Building

Manage contact collection through opt-in forms, incentivized forms, events, promotions and co-op endeavours.

Prospect Procurement

Use established high performing data collectors to purchase focused lists and convert contacts to prospects.

List Maintenance

Develop a properly segmented working contact list that is vetted for reputation and domain integrity.

Mailing Solutions

Use the most popular mailing solutions to target segments for email blasts and content feeds like newsletters and podcasts.

Social Marketing

Social Integration

Use the most popular social media platforms to establish a customer and prospect network and deliver useful content using an 80% social, 20% advertising approach.

Targeted Channels

Identify the most effective channels like webinars, webcasts, podcasts or video/written blogs to provide meaningful content to establish brand awareness supported by a well rounded outbound strategy.

Conversion Tools

Use strategically placed conversion tools to take full advantage of social media exposure.